Thursday, September 27, 2012

...and, we're off!

Finally, it's time to leave! Well, not for another 10 hours, but it's at least travel day. Just to give you a sense of when you might expect to hear from us again, we arrive in Yangon Saturday morning at 8:05, local time. We'll be utterly exhausted, I'm sure, and jetlagged and whacked out, but if I can get online (never a given in Myanmar, apparently), I'll at least post so you know we got there. We leave JFK tonight at 9:50, fly to Frankfurt, hang around, fly to Bangkok, hang around, then fly to Yangon.

We're excited, even as we don't really know what to expect. For me, especially, it's all a kind of blank. What's the food like? What will it feel like to be there? We'll find out at some point in the near future -- I can't figure out the time and day, so it's just "soon" to me.

Mingalar Ba!

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